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The association France-USA-Net.Com by decision of its Executive Council, is today out of its duty of reserve.

The war unilaterally provoked by the Russian Federation and its ally Belarus against the Ukrainian state and its people. Those in defiance of international law and the recognition of the sovereignty of the latter by international institutions, including that of the United Nations is for us an intolerable aggression.

And we condemn this totally gratuitous aggression. We hereby call upon world governments to condemn this aggression against a sovereign population. We call for the diplomatic and population isolation of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The death of civilians is an unspeakable act and must be condemned by the International Tribunal for War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity. Any country that supports the Russian Federation and Belarus will be guilty of complicity and must be condemned like the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Our wholeheartedly support is with the people of the sovereign state, government and President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Courage to the peoples of Ukraine!

Sunday, February 27, 2022.

French and American teams of France-USA-Net.Com.



The Executive Council of France-USA-net.-Com decides with the vote of the members of the organization to classify the Russian Federation and Belarus as a terrorist state and a criminal state of war.

This decision follows the various mass killings organized and executed by the armed forces of the Russian Federation with the support (as a rear base) of Belarus.

Following up on the remarks, Russian representatives (Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador to the United Nations) saying that the mass killings in the cities of Butcha, Irpin and Mariupol are false information and caused by actors. Explaining that the bodies no longer had cadaveric rigidity.

We would like to inform here that any medical student knows that the cadaveric rigidity of a body disappears after 48 hours. But it would seem that medical students in the Russian Federation have the worst level of knowledge and intelligence to ignore this scientific fact.

Such lies by dignitaries of the Russian Federation show that the leaders of the Russian Federation are worse than children who get caught after doing something stupid.

The Russian Federation is the main funder and user of the Nazi group Wagner. So we classify the Russian Federation as a Nazi government.

Statesboro, GA | le 6-avr.-22

French and American teams of France-USA-Net.Com.