is an organization founded in 2013. It was created by five members from the city and various

sociological environment, but who share the same passion for culture, France and the United States. This organization is a non -governmental and non-profit nature under the law of 1st July 1901 and the Decree of 6 August 1901 , which governed the association under the French Republic where the registered office is established. Its members are all

entirely voluntary and are not personal gain of money through this website. The website is a free site that was funded by one of its five members. The idea of ​​creating an associative structure for organizing projects of our group and an important element. We are not affiliated to any political party , trade union, government. Our structure is independent and is an essential part of our organization.

Organisation indépendante entre la France et les États-Unis.
Independent organization between France and the United States.