To make a stay on the territory of the United States from FRANCE, some formalities are necessary. In this report, we will explain in broad outlines the steps that a person of French nationality must take to make a trip to the United States.

The first thing to know is that the duration of a stay on the territory of the United States is limited in time to a maximum of 90 days. (about 3 months to a few days). The person must have a valid passport that covers the duration of their stay plus 1 month after their stay in the United States.

Two possible   cases for passports:

  1. If you have an older generation passport (i.e. a passport that is not optical and digital reading called "Biometric") you must apply for a visa (the visa may vary depending on your type of stay we advise you to read the various types of visas.) Auprès of one of the American representations located the closest to your home.
  2. If you have a new generation passport (i.e. a machine-readable and digitally readable passport called "Biometric") you must apply for E.S.T.A. (Electronic System for Travel Autorization) on the one and only official website of the UNITED STATES government at the following internet address: https:/esta.cbp.dhsgov/ the document will cost you about US$ 14,00. On the website of the American Gourvernment of the E. S.T.A, you will be asked for several information such as the number of your passport.

/ ! \ We know that as for the "Green Card" project, for-profit companies offer people the opportunity to carry out the procedures for themselves and those for a fee. Be aware that only the Official Website of the American Administrationis authorized for administrative procedures.

Also note that the use of an E.S.T.A does not give the right to work. And that the fraudulent use of an E.S.T.A leads to strong sanctions with a ban on entering the United States for a long time.

Depending on the case (or if you do not have a "Biometric" passport) you must obtain from the representation of the Usian administrationa visa on this list:

Business/Tourism (Visa B1, B2 and B1/2);

Athletes/Artists (O and P Visa);

Au Pair (Visa J);

Diplomatic/Official (Visa A, C3, G and NATO);

Domestic workers (B1, A3, G5 and NATO-7);

Students  (F and M Visa);

Investors (Visa E);

Journalists (Visa I);

Crew members (Visa C1/D);

Exchange  (Visa J);

Transit (Visa C);

Work (Visa H, L and Q)

For the forms we naturally recommend the following internet address:



It is the one and only legal address in France.

It should also be noted that only the immigration services and the border guard (customs) are the only final decision-makers of your entry or not on the American territory.

We hope we have been able to inform you about the steps to take for a trip to the United States.