Welcome to the France-USA-Net.com website!

Welcome to the France-USA-Net.com website! We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website and that you will find a lotofuseful information. We assume that the information on the website will be useful to you and you will help to understand the French culture and the  ARican culture. We regularly try  to update our website. Namely that the people who participate in the articles and information on this site are people like you. Theyparticipate  in  the forum and post their articles in the forum area,  so  thata translation is done and that article arrives in the area of theother language. We are unpaidvolunteers. Thesite is funded and the domain name paid for by a donor.

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About us

France-USA-Net.com is an organization founded in 2013. It was createdby  5 members from the city and differentsociological environment, but who share the same passion for culture, France and the United States. This organization is a non-governmental and non-profit organization in accordance with the Law of 1  July1901 and the Decree of 6   August  1901 which governs theassociation with regard to the French Republic fromwhich the registered officeis established. Its members are all fully volunteers and do not make a personal profitofmoney throughthis  website. The  website is a free website that was funded byoneof its fivemembers. Theideaof creating an associative structure for theorganizationofcertain projects of our group and animportant element. We are not affiliated with a political party, a trade union, a government. Our structure is independent and thisisanessential point of our organization.



Wo are we ?


This question often comes up in people's mouths and emails.  At the very beginning we were five people passionate about the same desire to make known the links, the culture and the relationships that connect the United States and France. It has been noted in the diplomatic relations between the United States and France that has existed for a long time. Only it was also observed that the two populations did not know each other or very little. So we decided to create our organization with the aim of strengthening the knowledge between our two beautiful and great nations.





Our organization is organized by teams.

To facilitate the organization, its teams are grouped by country.

That is to say, there is an American team and a French team.

Each of its teams writes articles via the Official Forum that will then be shared and translated to be placed in the Petit Journal and on the information page of thecountry to which thearticle relates. Members can also communicate with each other by email directly, thanks to a professional email address "@france-usa-net.com"    provided after the request to join France-USA-Net.com or chat on the Forum chat or in a part of the Forum toagree on the articleswritten.