On behalf of the France-USA-Net.Com Organization, its U.S. leadership, of its French Management and all of its members, we are committed to Let us bow with deep sadness at the pain of the families affected by the tragic events in Israel and Gaza, The notable exception of families and members affiliated with the organization Hamas terrorist.

The barbaric acts perpetrated on Saturday, October 7, 2023 shook the global consciousness. Innocent civilians — the elderly, the elderly families, women, men, children and even families. infants — have been victims of the unspeakable cruelty of the Hamas terrorist organization. Their hostage-taking of the same Vulnerable groups is an abomination that transcends all divergence politics.

It is possible to disagree with the policies of the the current government of the State of Israel, but indifference to the Such acts of violence and terror are inconceivable. Hamas, as a terrorist group, cannot be considered representative of the Palestinian people. Moreover, these terrorists deliberately set up a endangering the lives of the Palestinian people, cowardly hiding in the underground shelters while exposing civilians to life-threatening risks.

We recognize the right of the State of Israel to defend itself and to take retaliatory measures against this nefarious organization. However, we urge Israel to allow the passage of medicines and care for the Palestinian population, who have been suffering from the internal violence, abuses and massacres perpetrated by Hamas.

We call on the Palestinian people of Gaza to denounce the members of the Hamas, in order to put an end to the continued suffering of the people civilian.

At this time of deep sorrow, our thoughts and condolences go to the families of the victims of these reprehensible acts. Let peace and justice prevails in these troubled times.

With all due respect and compassion,

Statesboro, GA | October 11, 2023.

French and American France-USA-Net.Com teams.


The association France-USA-Net.Com by decision of its Executive Council, comes out of his duty of reserve today.

The war unilaterally provoked by the Russian Federation and the United Nations its ally Belarus against the Ukrainian state and its people. Those in defiance of international law and recognition the sovereignty of the latter by international institutions of which that of the United Nations is for us an intolerable aggression.

And we condemn this totally gratuitous aggression. We ask hereby call on the governments of the world to condemn this aggression against a sovereign population. We ask for insulation Diplomatic and Population Council of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Lithuania Belarus.

The death of civilians is an unspeakable act and must be condemned by the International Tribunal for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. All countries that support the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Belarus will be guilty of complicity and must be condemned as the Russian Federation and Belarus.

Our heartfelt support is with the people of the sovereign state, the and the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

Courage to the people of Ukraine!

Statesboro, GA | February 27, 2022.

French and American France-USA-Net.Com teams.


The Executive Council of France-USA-net.-Com decides with the vote of the members of the organization to classify the Russian Federation and the Belarus as a terrorist state and a war criminal state.

This decision was made in the wake of the various organized mass killings and executed by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with the support (as a rear base) for Belarus.

In response to the remarks, Russian representatives (Minister of Foreign Affairs) Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador to the United Nations) that the mass killings in the cities of Bucha, Irpin and Mariupol is fake news and due to actors. Explaining that the bodies no longer had cadaverous rigidity.

We would like to inform here that any medical student knows that the cadaveric rigidity of a body disappears after 48 hours. But it seems that the medical students of the Russia have the worst level of knowledge and intelligence for ignoring this scientific fact.

Such lies on the part of dignitaries of the Russian Federation show that the leaders of the Russian Federation are worse than Children who get caught after doing something stupid.

The Russian Federation is the funder and main user of the Wagner Nazi Group. So we classify the Russian Federation as a of the Nazi government.

Statesboro, GA | April 6, 2022.

French and American France-USA-Net.Com teams.